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If you’re on the same side of the Atlantic as Marco Borriello, it’s his birthday already … and if the birth, and the continued existence, of this man isn’t reason to celebrate, what is?

Marco Borriello and Andrea Pirlo celebrate after Juventus’ second goal during the Serie A match between Novara and Juventus at the Silvio Piola Stadium on April 29, 2012 in Novara.

Much ado has been made of Marco’s lackluster form lately, with his future at Juventus uncertain. Seems Marco decided to silence his critics while leaving Vinovo this week and show them he CAN still hit the target …

… if said target is another car.

Somewhere, Daniele’s seen this too. 


Looks like someone’s falling in love. Can you blame him?


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… behold, the photos from Marco’s press conference/presentation as a Bianconero. Ogle at your own risk.

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I want to pick myself up, to put myself in the spotlight. I have five months to convince the club to sign me and the fans to cheer for me. There is everything that I need to do well. I’m happy to be at Juventus. It’s an honour that the club has given me this opportunity. Nobody has promised me anything here and I’ll have to fight for everything.

So says Marco Borriello, who hopes to show off his true potential at Juventus after a disappointing spell at Roma. Read more here.


Watch the second part of Marco’s official presentation/press conference as a Juventus player.