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This artwork - created by a Juventus fan for the Derby d’Italia - is FANTASTIC.

Experience teaches us when clubs own their stadiums they make more money while also bringing extra benefits to the city. This is my father’s dream for his city and his team.

Sampdoria President, Edoardo Garrone, on Sampdoria’s plans to build a new stadium, announced today to city council of Genoa.  If plans are approved, Sampdoria will erect a stadium in the Fiera district on the Genoa seafront with 1, 000 parking spaces plus another area that could host other sporting events. Other clubs that have expressed the intent to build their own stadiums include Roma, Lazio and Inter. Read more here.
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… behold, the reaction of everyone who is not an Interista upon hearing the result of the match between Inter and Atalanta earlier today. In case you missed it, Inter blew a 2-goal lead and lost to Atalanta 4-3 after Denis managed a hat trick for the visitors in 12 minutes.

At the match today, Inter’s ultras held up a banner which read “give us a trial also, maybe you’ll find a good player - certainly an Interista.” In other words, Inter was trolled by its own ultras. A+.

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Milan wants YOU at the San Siro on Sunday! They also seem to enjoy One Direction, as the soundtrack to this video suggests, but I digress …

Con Antonio Cassano sono legato dai tempi della Sampdoria. Gli ho detto per scherzo che aveva bisogno di me per finire in prima pagina sui giornali.

… so said Giampaolo Pazzini, in his presentation as a Milan player. 

I respect the Italian league but right now it is third behind Spain’s (La Liga) and England’s (Premier League). But never say never. Someday, why not In Italy, there are fantastic teams like Inter, AC Milan and Juventus …

Cristiano Ronaldo has left the door open to a potential future move to Serie A by claiming he would “never say never” to playing in Italy. Read more here.

Super Mario Shows Up Stramaccioni On His Big Day

Things have been relatively quiet on the Balotelli front lately. He hasn’t set anything ablaze, angered someone, or sparked a new trend in Twitter hashtags in a while. Meanwhile, all eyes have been on Inter and their spectacular downwards spiral. Yesterday, shockwaves rippled across the blue half of Milan when the news broke: Claudio Ranieri had been sacked, with Andrea Stramaccioni named his interim replacement.

What to do, when you’re used to being the center of infamous attention? Well, the answer is obvious, if you’re Mario Balotelli, of course. You get yourself to Milan (even though you live in Manchester), and you crash a press conference.

The former Primavera chief, who recently led his side to victory in the final of the NextGen Series, was appointed as successor to Claudio Ranieri as boss of the senior side on Monday. During his first press conference as Nerazzurri supremo, the proceedings were interrupted when former player Balotelli entered the room. The City striker amiably greeted Stramaccioni and the Inter directors who were present and wished them luck before oh-so-casually taking his leave once more. Inter’s new boss was so stunned that he turned to a journalist after Super Mario had left and asked: “What was the last question?”

Such a shame he didn’t think to ask “why always me?”

So …

… this is obviously old news by now, but just in case you did NOT know, Inter sacked Claudio Ranieri today. Andrea Stramaccioni, formerly coach of Inter’s Primavera side, will be his interim replacement.

This brings Inter to a grand total of 5 managers in 2 years. Thoughts as to who’s next, ragazze?

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