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There’s no bitchface like Azzurri bitchface.

Sergio Ramos, offering proof that every man alive is Gay For Pirlo.

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Do you see what that is? That’s Andrea Pirlo, taking part in yesterday’s training session with the rest of the boys. HOPE LIVES! AVANTI, RAGAZZI!

There is only one way to celebrate becoming the fifth person to attain a century of caps with gli Azzurri - the Andrea Pirlo way, with a screamer of magnificent beauty. It’s Andrea’s world; we’re all just living in it. AUGURI!


Most legit gif ever. 

Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Barzagli, Sebastian Giovinco frolic at Coverciano whilst Andrea Pirlo takes his training seriously … 

… until the boys are apparently interrupted for a photo op. It seems they didn’t take too kindly to the interruption … that’s some serious bitchface being thrown in the camera’s general direction right there.

We all know Andrea Pirlo is a maestro of the midfield. He’s also a wine connoisseur. His family operates a vineyard in the North of Italy. So pour yourself a nice glass of vino, sit back, and enjoy these interviews - including one with Andrea’s mamma, Livia, who reveals that Andrea was always a cool, collected character - she describes him as “un bambino vivace ma tranquillo, non agitato”.

… oh, my heart.

No words necessary.

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No other act in sport is fraught with tension in quite the same way as a soccer penalty kick, which offers little metaphorical subtlety: the taker is literally put on the spot. Pirlo, for his part, walked to that spot on Sunday in Kiev slow and bored and impassive, like a husband at the mall. Pirlo stepped to the ball, came nearly to a full stop, then chipped it softly toward the center of the goal, as if gently kicking off a slipper before bed. The Pirlo penno was so slow in real time that slow motion replay reduced it to Zapruderesque speed, giving it greater gravitas, as Pirlo’s Prell-commercial hair flounced and shone beneath the stadium lights. The ball, making barely perceptible progress toward goal, begged for its own NFL Films close-up and John Facenda voiceover.

Steve Rushin, on that perfect penalty kick. If you haven’t read the article yet, you need to.