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Il Principino Expecting Another Little Prince! 

Guess which already-perfect football family’s about to expand? Well, in case the title of this post didn’t immediately tip you off: Claudio and Roberto are expecting “un altro maschietto”, in Claudio’s words

In an interview with Canale Juve, Claudio confirmed that Davide will welcome a little brother in March of next year. Mark your calendars; prepare for imminent ovary combustion. Claudio also revealed that he and Roberta have yet to choose a name, and while he was the one to choose Davide, this time around, he and Roberta

ci stiamo pensando, si litiga anche.”

… difficult decision, indeed. Tantissimi auguri, Claudio!

Grazie mille to one of my favourite Juventinas, Adrianna, for the tip!

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