If only every team had an Andrea Pirlo … some don’t, so they resort to wonderfully strategy, like this. Players of the team supposed to have the first free kick hover around the ball as the opposition looks on. One player comes forward to kick the ball, but changes his mind at the last moment. A few seconds of confusion ensue, after which one player unexpectedly sends the ball flying into the back of the net. GENIUS!

Palermo players groove to Pharell’s ‘Happy’ - if this doesn’t get you to smile, you hate fun.

ICYMI: Kaka scored his 100th goal for the Rossoneri today, and what a goal it was!


The World Cup approaches… it’s that time again: time to start a prayer circle for Giuseppe Rossi’s fitness. The ever-unlucky Beppe limped off the field with a knee injury during the second half of the Viola’s match against Livorno after a particularly nasty foul. Giuseppe will undergo medical tests tomorrow, but early signs indicate another injury with a potential long recovery time. TIME TO START THE PRAYERS TO PADRE PIO!

schalke04lover asked: You posted this picture of Insigne ... is this baby his son ? :D

Yes, it is. Weird, right, since he himself is still very much a baby? Right?

Ciao, Amici.

How are you all? I haven’t had much time for Tumblr in the last little bit. Y’all never leave anything in my ask box anymore. I miss you lovely beings!

'Sport is quite a simple thing. It is play, and in play, people of all ages find the chance to engage their most profound emotions: love, fear, excitement, disappointment, anger and joy.'

Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Special Olympics

…just Gigi Buffon, walking in a winter wonderland, as it were.

Greetings, Friends.

For those of you agonizing over the prospects of gli Azzurri’s opponents in the group stage as the draw inches closer, I’d like to offer some comfort, in the form of a reminder that our draw doesn’t matter, given gli Azzurri’s general approach during the group stage of any major tourney, as represented by this gif entitled ‘Fail Win’: start off decently enough, veer dangerously off course, and miraculously manage to careen into the knockout stages, battered and bruised. FORZA AZZURRI!

I had to become a player with hard work, sweat and sacrifice. Balotelli, but also others, have everything I wanted to have, but they don’t take advantage of it. That really gets on my nerves

Serie A legend Gabriel Batitusta (more affectionately known as Batigol) blasted Mario Balotelli’s wasteful ways at a presser yesterday. Read more here.